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Monday, May 19, 2008

Fredericksburg and Hamboogers

Indian Blanket
A Scene from Fredericksburg, Texas
11X14, Oil

Every year we try to make a trip down south to Fredericksburg, Texas, for a family vacation with the puggies. We have discovered the absolute best pet-friendly place out there and took Winnifred Wigglepants and the Stinky Boys a couple of times last year before Winnie Wiggles got sick. We lost Wiggles in January this year to GME encephalitis, but some of my best memories of Winnie will always be in Fredericksburg. While visiting there last spring, Winnie drew quite the adoring crowd in her polka dot harness and pink pearls shopping downtown at the fabulous must-see store for woofs of all sizes and shapes, Dogologie. Winnie also had dinner at a five-star restaurant with us (on the patio) where she enjoyed a five-star frenchy fry and the unabashed adoration of the waitresses.

We are planning another family trip in June and I can hardly wait to be on the road with the piggypugs. This painting, Indian Blanket, was completed from a sunset photograph taken in Fredericksburg last May.

The best part about traveling to Fredericksburg, according to Howard Pee Pugpants and Java Cheesybritches, are the bites of hamboogers they will get on the way up and back. Howard also particularly enjoys barking at every vehicle that dares to come near us on I-35. He keeps an eagle eye on the rear view mirror to ensure these pesky cars and trucks do not ambush us from behind. Java only howls for the first 50 miles, then drops off into a snoring snooze.

This year will be Anniebelly Bossybritches' first trip with us on family vacation. I'll need to start explaining now that she can't pack all 50 of her favorite toys.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nancy and puggies!
Oh ! What a wonderful family you have! Winnie is so beautiful and I know she will be sitting in your lap the whole trip this year. Our puggies are always with us. :) Please hug them all for me. I cannot wait to hear of this year's adventures. Your painting is just breathtaking!
M & E

Weeny&Daisy said...

Hi! lovely to meet new friends, lots of licks and puggy snorts
Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx