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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Living With a Celebrity

Howard Pee Pugpants Says:
"Do I LOOK like a happy little cowpug, ma?"

One can achieve all goals with the
proper amount of focus and determination.

I am often stopped on the streets and in shopping malls and asked, "Are you the lady who is owned by the famous Howard Pee Pugpants?" Poor Anniebelly and Java Cheesy have learned over time to simply roll their googley eyes and try to change the subject. Living with Howie is an honor and a privilege, except for the times when he is barking at the TV, running out into the yard with his dad's freshly laundered socks, unmaking the bed, or peeing on the new Pottery Barn blanket. Howard has made it a life goal to perfect the art of puggy badness, as you can see on his own dogster blog. If you too are blessed with such a celebrity bad boy (or bad girl!), please share. Enquiring puggy moms want to know...


Nevis said...

Wonderful blog! :)

Kristen said...

Howie, you are my hero! I love you lots. You are my favorite celebrity. Love Meisje (typed by her Human Kristen)

Lisa M Griffin said...

So cute! What an adorable little cowboy. Thanks for sharing.

Cammie said...

Howwwwwiiiieeee!!! We got a fresh pile of clean socks if you come up to Seatown to visit us!!!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Howie is famous and our hero!
Emmitt and I send lots of love to all of you!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
:) Melissa & Emmitt

Cathy said...

You are looking as handsome as ever!


The Devil Dog said...

Ha ha ha I may not be a celebrity, but with a name like The Devil Dog, I certainly rate as a "bad" girl. Come visit Howie! Nice to meet you.

Roxy & Lucky