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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Transformation of Frito

Frito's first picture when she arrived at Dallas-Fort Worth
type 2 cancer and other health issues.

The transformation of Frito under the loving care
of Mary Fran Burke, Houston pug rescue coordinator.

Frito Portrait - Step 1

Frito Portrait - Step 2

Frito Portrait - Fini

You may be wondering how a puggy gal with such class and distinction ever ended up out on the streets. Frito battled more than neglect when she was brought into Houston pug rescue by Mary Fran Burke -- her health issues were substantial. She had surgery this week to have two small cancers removed, and is doing well for a senior puggy gal. She insisted on greeting everyone in the waiting room when she returned to the vet for her re-check yesterday. Frito's before and after photographs were featured in Dallas-Fort Worth Pug Rescue's anniversary video celebrating 10 years and 3200 pugs rescued.

Mary Fran has taken Frito under her wing, as she has so many other pugs in the Houston area where she heads up pug rescue efforts. This portrait of Frito was completed last night in my studio, thanks to the tireless assistance of my own three wrinklesnorts, Howie, Java and Annie, who have never missed a meal in their entire lives.

Mary Fran is hoping Frito will be ready for the summer social season soon, so Frito can wear her new Hawaiian ensemble - a pug-sized grass skirt and a tiny coconut bra. Mary Fran you are an angel on earth. We can hardly wait to see pictures of Frito in her grass skirt.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

oh my goodness nancy!
frito is beautiful and your portrait of her is perfect. it immediately brought a huge smile to my face. hug java, annie and howie for me! they are wonderful little assistants!
did howie get to go to his pawty today?
i was thinking of all of you.
please let me know if there is any way i can help your fundraiser. i would love to send a donation to your raffle!

Sharon said...

Frito is like Cinderella who finally made it to the Ball! She's a true glamour puss ; )


Cathy said...

Oh my gosh. . .Frito's transformation photo shows pure pug happiness. Thanks to all of you who are involved in rescue. Frito's portrait shows her as the southern belle that she is, beautiful.

Cathy and pugs