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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Annie's Story

Annabelle is not JUST the little sister of Howard Pee Pugpants. This little lady is officially the half-sister of Winnifred Wigglepants. Our Winnie Wiggles went to the Bridge after losing her battle with encephalitis (GME) in January. Winnie's breeder, Louise Tran, brought Annie over to visit with us a few days after Winnie died. Louise wanted to give us a gift for all we had done for Winnie. At first I was not sure I was ready to have another little chunky girl in my life, to fill the big shoes my jiggley wiggley had left behind.

But Annie quickly found a tiny chinkhole in my heart's defenses. I think it was her little crooked tooth in her underbite that really got me. She loves to play and has a puppy's energy, unlike her big sister Winnie, but she looks exactly like Winnie when she is focused on some toy that needs chasing and chewing.

Even though it was sadness that brought Annie to us, it's love that will keep her here.


Cathy said...

You are such a doll baby!

Kisses, Pugsley and Buster

Nancy Medina said...

AnnieBossyBritches says thanks Aunty Cathy!! We wish we could hang out in your gardens with you today.
Nancy and the chunkypugs

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Annie!
You are the sweetiest puggy! It is so fun to see pictures of you! I have heard so much about you!
What a special puggy you are!
Melissa and Emmitt