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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Olivia's Story

Olivia Before

Olivia Now

Olivia was found wandering the streets by animal control and was brought in by the Houston branch of Dallas-Fort Worth Pug Rescue. She was skeletal and frightened and had demodectic mange and heavy yeast. Today Olivia has found a furever home with her mom Julie and she is lavished with only the best. She has come such a long way, and today Olivia can squeak the toy out of any squeakie toy.


Cathy said...

The first picture is shocking and painful to see. I'm glad that Oliva found a home where she is loved and charished like she should be. God bless to all the rescue folks.

Cathy and pugs

Sharon said...

Little Olivia really is a miracle! Julie must be thrilled to look at how far her baby has come.

Sharon and Winston