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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unauthorized BlogPug Howie: Fat is NOT a Four-Letter Word

Java and Howard Shortly
Before Dieting Subjugation Program
Was Implemented by the Cruel Mama

Unauthorized blogpug Howie writes:

I have always enjoyed eatin, ever since I was a young pup. See that picture there, that's me eatin', a young pup with my brother Java CheesyPants. Today mom said I was goin on a diet AGAIN. I really want to know, why all the fuss about fat? I mean, if you really want to talk about fat then let's talk about fat! *points toe at Annabelle* Fat is NOT a four-letter word. At least I don't think it is, I can't spell so mebbe it is. Who knows. But this dieting stuff has got to stop. Please use your toes and vote so that mama will feed me more. Show me some love and support. Choose the gazillion number, right up there on the right up there, see it on the right up there? There you go!!!


Laura said...

I voted Howie, however, I think the only vote that is going to count is your Mama's! Maybe you can work the "other side" - give that pitiful look to your Daddy!

Dozer and Coop said...

I have posted you on my blog and I am behind you 100%. I can send you some Oregon salmon to tide you over. Your Mother has to be the cruelest, most insensitive, ridiculous dietician I have ever heard of. Doesn't she know that that fat is what protects our innards and makes us all snuggly? What does she want you to look like? A thin-legged,long-necked, hairless dog? Because you will lose your fur due to the stress. Mark my words!

Dozer, your brother in arms

("Okay Cooper, pass me the bazooka and let's see if this baby can shoot salami all the way to Texas!)

The Devil Dog said...

Dear Howie, mom voted 3, but she would have voted 2 if it were up there. She says you need to be healthy and if that means diet, then so be it. (Mom is really tough about that sort of stuff. I don't think you'll win that battle.)


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi howie!
thiz iz emmypants! I havz cent youz a box obs goooodies. Iz hopes you likes it. Its haz somes tastee treatz i stole fromz myz pantry. iz sent it to hunrgy howie in tx.

Willow the Black Dale said...

Ok Howie....I am with you. YOU should be fed as much as you want. Just because of your sweet little face. Enough said on that subject. Now please pass the gravey!!!

Burger bites,

Anonymous said...

Poor Howie! I love eating too and I dread the day that jonathan rations my food! Won't your pug family share their food with you? Sneak you some bits on the side?

Gee said...

It's Auntie Gee and AJ and we have voted as ordered. We also think you should add the Dallas/Ft. Worth ASPCA to you cell phone speed-dial. We will Animal Planet for film of your rescue and for Auntie Nancy's trial...

Also have told all friends to stop in to vote a gazillion times...

***AJ HoosierHugPug - giving HowiePeePants and victory paw-bump***

Nancy and the fatties said...

This is Howie writin to my friends from abu growl prison. Mom said this is NOTa democracy and only HER vote counts. Pleeze mail food pronto-am gettin weak from hunger.

Manon Doyle said...

Howie..... you gotta do what I do if your mom don't feed you. Hang around the counter when she's makin' dinner and grab everything that she drops off the counter. When she looks down at you to see if your sneaking food just look like the angel that you are! Works for me!
Your pal,

Karine said...

Howie, my mom is typing this. I had her vote for a gazillion, because that's how much all of us fur-balls should be fed. (Mom doesn't agree)

I hope you don't get too hungry.
from Pono the desert dog.