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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Howie's Big Snake Adventure

Mom says it's important to make new friends.

Even if they have bad breath and scary beady eyes?

Wow, them fangs are impressive...

Hey, watch the neck buddy.

How did I get into this situation?

Last night ma was out in the yard with Annie and thought she saw a snake. She got real excited and started hollerin and hootin and yellin at dad to "GIT THE PUGGEES INSIDE"! I wanted to go outside and help find that snake cuz, as you see, I am well acquainted with snakes. But mom said NO HOWIE. NO NO NO. Just like that, real cruel like. So I sat in the kitchen and pouted til mom and dad came back into the house without the snake. I was real disappointed. Mom says we can't go out in the yard until she knows there are no snakes. So I'm stuck in here with Java and Annie bored to tears til this whole snake thing blows over. Life is, once again, cruel to the Howard Pee Pugpant-zes of the world...


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi howie!
i know mama is just taking care of your s a f e t y.
you silly puggy, snakes are yucky!
food is inside!
you got it made in the shade!
m & ep

Winston said...

Mom may say it's important to make new friends but I don't think I'd want to be friends with a snake! He would scare me for sure!

You stay safe Howard. Mom and Dad have paid enough in vet bill this past year or so! After all, there's a wing at your local vets named after the Pugpants family!


Pug Luv,

Laura said...

Sometimes life sucks, huh, Howie? But you don't want to get bit by a snake and swell up like a toad - that would not be a pretty picture!

The Devil Dog said...

Howie, some snakes can be very dangerous! You don't want to get bit and have to go to the vet and have blood stolen, and pricky things poked into you, do you?

I wouldn't.


lady jicky said...

Come on Wonder Pug - bite back! Woof!

Manon Doyle said...

Snakes are scary Howie! If you want to see some real ones you ought to take your mommy and come to Arizona! I accidentally drove over one in the street last time I was there!

Karine said...

Pono couldn't care less about snakes. Although if he saw the green one in your photos, he would want to tear it up and pull out all its insides. That's fun!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Thank yew fur all your support on the snake situation...Mommy said the snake musta gone away cuz we are runnin around the yard again like crazypugs barkin at birds and eatin shrubs. Nopuggy got bit in the tellin of this story, allpuggies were protected from scary snakes by mamas, and nopuggy swelled up like a toad or got their blood stolen. Aunty karine, I will mail this green snakey thing for Pono to enjoy very soon. I hope it don't scare your mailperson.
from Pee

Eduardo said...

OMD! Howard your Mommy is right you can't play with real snakes! I seen a real snake and started huffing to tell my Mommy that we got to back up real slow like...mommy looked down(gasped) & like dummies we ran away from that snake real fast! The snake didnot follow as it turned out she was laying with her eggs, mom was so scared. I got lots of treats for warning Mommy about the snake! (eduardo's mommy here)Positive reinforcement training is just about getting your dog to enjoy doing commands while respecting you as well, Eduardo loves when I get the treats out & he gets into position to do a trick because he knows no treat is free(that is the tuffest thing for parents to learn, it took me awhile to want to do that). I can e-mail you more info if you want!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle & Mommy

Dozer and Coop said...

We love your big, green snake! That looks like a real toy, not some mamby pamby toy. Now what kind of real snake lives in your yard? Do they have snake round-ups in Texas? Sheesh, you could be locked up inside forever!

Dozer, Dottie and Cooper