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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Texas Puggies Prepare for Hurricane Ike

We are hunkered down at the House of Pee!

Howard Pee Pugpants and Anniebelly Bossybritches are getting ready for Hurricane Ike, a big storm heading to Texas and expected to hit hard Friday. The Flower Mound Humane Society and other humane societies across Texas are helping take in dogs and cats for evacuees, so don't forget your furbabies if you are heading up toward Dallas to get away from the storm!

Annie said if the storm hits Dallas, she is planning to take only her most important toys, including pink piggy, the squeaky red ball, noisey frog, knobbley bear, and, of course, the hunk of yellow faux fur leftover from some long ago deflated toy which no longer has an identity but which she holds close to her little puggy heart.


Greg Quimpo said...

This picture made my day. The dialogue in my mind goes:

"Are you serious? Are we really going out dressed like these?"

"Errr, he, he...I'm in. I feel sexy already".


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nancy and puggies!
I LOVE the outfits!
in case of flood waters, head for high ground puggies, that is where all the food is!
keep me posted on the weather!
m & ep

A New England Life said...

Someone throw Java a life preserver, will you? Everyone in the boat! Don't worry Annie, women and Puggies first ; )

Laura said...

And don't forget food for Howie! After all, he is being starved!

Rachel said...

hahaha. Oh, seriously, though - be safe! But if you're going to be stuck inside all weekend waiting out the storm, might as well have a little fun with 'dress up'....

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great outfits by the is important to look stylish while hunkering down. Take care and be safe!
Love, EJ, Lula, Peyton and Mom Gab

Nancy and the fatties said...

Thank you for your support. I am out purchasing cases and cases of delicious goopy kibble in cans for Howie right now, just in case we get drenched because you never know!!!
n and the pees

countrygirl3031 said...

They are too cute dressed up and ready for the storms! Take care all of you!!!


Karine said...

You and your puggies always make me laugh - and this is despite a storm coming your way! What a gift you have. Thanks again, for the laugh, and keep out of the way of that nasty ol' storm. We'll be thinking of you.
karine and pono

The Devil Dog said...

Do be safe, mom says this is a really nasty hurricane. Please keep us posted on how you do.


lady jicky said...

Keep safe fellow pugs!
Oscar and Rosie from Australia

Manon Doyle said...

Your babies are so adorable! I hope everything is o.k.
Be safe!

Karine said...

Just wanted to check in and say we are thinking of you! Hope you are okay...
Karine and Pono