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Friday, October 31, 2008

Tales of Halloween Woe From Howard Pee Ballerina-Pants

A picture of my spoiled brat sister Annie (fat one, upper right)
having a wonderful time at Aunty Sharon's house probably
eating all sortsa halloween yummies and havin' a ball.

Me, Howie, in the Ballerina-Pug costume mom made me wear
as a result of the totally biased and rigged election that
I told yew all about earlier. Dats it. I'm callin the double
aye ess pee see aye on Annie's cell phone. As yew
can tell, this is not my happy face.


Anonymous said...

Oh Howie!!! I know you aren't very manly in purple or a ballerina costume.. but you are so cute!!! I love it!!

You can come live with me and I will let you play moo-cows and cow-pugs with Gus!!! :)
Happy Halloween!!

Moco said...

You look totally disgusted. Purple is a good color with your fur. I have a purple collar and like it very much. Not sure about the head gear, though.

Puglette said...

Oh Howie! you are such a brave soul. the things boys do for their mothers...

Laura said...

There are no words! BOL, BOL, MOL, MOL, LOL, LOL!

Debbi said...

Message written to H. Pee from Mr. LouPants...

Geez, lets dem gits the best of yous??? You look so girly...we can't let the Badness Club see these photos of would start about yous.

At hundert hours, I will sneak and destroy all photos of you, pal.

*snickers quietly* and dey had to put him in "purple"...hehehe!

signing off fer now,
Mr. LouPants

Joan said...


We just can't help it over here....YOU LOOK SO DARNED CUTE AS A PURPLE BALLERINA!!!!!!!!! And it is just icing on the cake that you are sporting your "Not Happy Face".... (Chin up little trooper...look on the bright have yet another FULL year before next Halloween!)

Giggling Hugs,
Skippy & Joan

Manon Doyle said...

LOL! Poor Howie..... but you look so cute! Your hair is my favorite! I'd be mad at my mom if she did that to me!!!



Me and the Mommy just heard about your blog from one of our DWB friends and had to come over and say hello. The Mommy is a volunteer with Dachshund of Rescue of Houston. I was adopted from there. I am a wire hair-black and silver. I was dodging traffic on Vetrans Memorial during a rain storm when I was less than a year old. DROH saved me until I got adopted by the Mommy. We went over and visited your rescue group. Ever dog should have a rescue group.

Hope you don't mind if we stop by from time to time.

God Bless....Mona & the Mommy, Sarah, too!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh howie!
*laughing with tears streaming down face*
you are the cutest ballerina ever!
emmitt says you look way better than him in a tutu and he is very jealous of that!
m & ep

Jean Levert Hood said...

ohmygoodness, Howie...How could they?? Humiliation is an apt label for this post!

The Devil Dog said...

No, it's not a happy face, but it is a very funny photo.


Aniemother said...

Um.. Perhaps not your happies expression! But Mom got a great laugh!


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Haha! Your mom got the best out of you, Howie the coolest Ballerina!
Please recycle, can I collect Annie's belly hair to make a neck pillow? 14 pounds, that was impressive, haha! My Pug brothers clogged the drain every time they took a bath.
I suggested my mom put them in the back yard and and wet them with garden hose but she didn't listen.
Thanks for showing the wonderful painting, I'll be there someday!
Please come visit me, I have a "kiss and tell" double dating story to share with you.

Anonymous said...


A New England Life said...


As long as you wear that costume I do NOT know you. Sheesh!