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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daddy Adores Me

Annie gettin smoochies
from the Daddy

Anniebelly sez:
My daddy adores me, what can I say? Thanks to our clever puggley friend Eduardo for a great idea - posting a picture of the parental units. Mommy is always behind the camera so here is a picture of my daddy, whom I have wrapped around the littlest piggy toe on my cute little paw. He adores me, and who can blame him?


Tere Sanders said...

Well, who wouldn't love Annie? She's so stinkin cute!!!! Give her a big squeeze for me.

Rachel said...

hahaha. that is a daddy's girl for sure.

Pearl said...

Annie, it looks like the adoration is mutual! Look at your sweet smiling face! :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh what a great picture!

that is the perfect way to start my day!

m & ep

Puglette said...

well, who wouldn't just adore a puggy girl with a beautiful smile?

Annie, you are a cutie! Hugs to you and your brothers.

Eduardo said...

Awwww! I wished my Daddy adored me! my Mommy does though! It's good to have the parental units wrapped around your little "puggy" toes! You don't have 'piggy' toes silly girl!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Aniemother said...

I adore you too, Annie!


A New England Life said...

I'd kiss you too Annie, if you were close enough ; )

Your daddy is a lucky man.

Puggy Luv,

Dozer and Coop said...

Well that is a pretty priceless picture! You are a cutey pie!

Dozer's Mum, Nancy

Moco said...

That is a bunch of smooching. You are really enoying your time with Dad.

Sandra y Coco said...

That was a cute picture! Daddy will never admit it but he is crazy about me! he talks to me but when mommy talks to me he says she's crazy hehe

The Devil Dog said...

As your daddy should! That is a great photo. It certainly says a thousand words!


Paula said...

Well of course he does Annie because you are so adorable!

Hey Nancy;

We know you and your puggers from another place some time back (FLOP), come see if you recognize at least my oldest

Found your blog via Melissa's. I started to look at your pugs' names down the side and said to myself "I know them" I am going to add you to my blog list so I can come back and keep an eye on your cuties.

You all have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Bev said...

How adorable! Love your blog! Please stop by ours any time! We are giving away some free dog collars during December!

Cheery wave from