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Friday, January 23, 2009

Heavenly Missive

Winnifred Wigglepants
The Jiggliest Angel in Heaven
Oil on Canvas

A year ago this morning my little velcro pug and constant companion Winnifred Wigglepants went to the rainbow bridge after a 3-month battle with GME encephalitis. I finished her portrait last night. It felt good to get my little angel onto canvas.

I've always had a superstition about pet portraits I do for the furbabies who have passed; the ones that jump onto the canvas quickly are anxious to get home to their families. Winnie was the fastest pet portait I've completed of its size.

There are so many dear friends who carried me through those dark days when Winnie was sick. And a compassionate friend at work who held me while I sobbed in her arms the day after Winnie passed. These are the ties that bind you to friends forever. And this is the kind of love Winnie brought into my life, and the lives of everyone she touched.

This painting is based on a photo that was taken of Winnie shortly after she won the Bluebonnet Pug Club Easter Hat contest in Dallas 3 years ago. She was a champion pug before she came to us, thanks to Louise Tran, who wanted her to live out her retirement with us in a pet home. I always felt I was in the presence of an older soul when I was with Winnie. There was a very strong love and presence that shown out of her. She was tiny, but feared nothing. I miss my angel and pray we will we meet again.

Heavenly Missive
My Ode To Wiggles
Whippy creme and scrambled eggs are
Way up here in Heaven
In case you too
See only blue and wonder what you're gettin
They're other things like angel wings
With fur that's never sheddin'.
There's no disease or achin knees
and wrinkles smooth and silken
I fall asleep and dream of you
and times when we were given
to sprint and run and tug on toys
and dash to mom for lovin.
Tonight no tears oh Howie dear
because I have been taken
I’ll kiss your cheek and whiskers sweet
And heal the ache within you.
The pain it fades and goes away
And even loss feels lighter
When time moves on then pushes back
All that separates us.

From Winnie's dogster diary, January 23, 2008

Winnie died this morning very early while she was in the care of the tech at the ICU. I think she was very tired. She was my brave girl and was such a big part of our lives. Please say a prayer that she is comforted now.

She loves breakfast-time so much. I hope that she is enjoying scrambley egg and a bowl of delicious kibble this morning and making the angels laugh with her roo roo roo morning song and breakfast time spinning.Who will wash Howie's face now? Who will sit on my feet when I am on the 'puter? Who will keep dad company in the kitchen when he is cooking? Our little one with such a big heart is gone, and it all happened so quickly and unexpectedly.

We were so blessed to have her with us for just 2 short years. What an extraordinary little dog she was.I told her last night it was okay to go - she was sitting up in her oxygen cage at the ICU for 2 days, waiting for me. She always sat and waited for me. The moment she laid down was when she passed. Please hug your babies for me today and say a prayer for angel Winnie. She was cherished.


The Gurneys said...

I love the portrait - so precious. I still miss Snoopy and it has been over 3 years since he passed away. We never realize what a big piece of our hearts our animals have until they are gone!

Rachel said...

Oh, Nancy - what a beautiful tribute to Winnie. The tears are flowing over here, especially today as my own jiggly little girl sits in a kennel, IV in arm at the animal hospital. They get in to our hearts in ways we did not know were possible. But in doing so, they expand our own hearts' capacity. They are amazing creatures.

A New England Life said...

You honor Winnie in such a completely devoted and sincere way Nancy. Always be thankful for the memories you hold in your heart, for nothing can take those away.

What a beautiful Angel Miss Winnefred is, and always was : )


Pearl said...

Oh Nancy, I am sobbing like a fool at my desk! If it wasn't already certain that my co-workers think I am nuts.. they do now. :)

You paint such a perfect portrait of Winnie, both with the brush and with your words. They are just pouring over with love. I am heart-broken that your sweet girl is gone, but I am sure that your velcro girl will be back by your side when one day you drift away on angel wings. Until then, don't ya know she is collecting admirers up there?

Laura said...

Add me to the list of those with tears running down their face as they read this beautiful tribute to your sweet Winnie. The portrait is so sweet, and what a wonderful way to remember such an important part of your family. You will see her again one day, Nancy. I truly believe that! I know they never leave your heart, and I hope you only remember the good times today.

Sandra y Coco said...

Nancy, I just can't stop crying. I am at work and my co-worker doesn't understand how I can cry so much for a doggie... I am glad I found new friends that understand my feelings. Winnie's portrait is beautiful, as well as your words for her.

marianne said...

Oh sad but what a beautiful post and painting of Winnie. Such a beautiful tribute.
It is so sad to loose a pet especially when they were not old.
Wish you strenght on this day of remembrance

Punchbugpug said...

Nancy, such a touching post for sure. I'm thankful my office is upstairs and away from the others. Your little Winnie's painting is beautiful!

Moco said...

They always keep a place in your heart no matter how long you had them or how long they have been gone.

The Devil Dog said...

That is such a beautiful painting. It captures Winnie's spirit so completely, and I didn't even know her. I remember the day after I lost my Bridget, and I sobbed all over my boss's shirt. And he let me. Oh, it is so hard to lose our precious angels, but at least we will see them again.
What a wonderful post and tribute.

Roxy's Mom

Leah said...

Oh, Nancy, thank you for sharing your beautiful portrait and beautiful words about Winnie. Add me to the list of those crying!

Original Puglover said...

Nancy, you know how I feel and yes I am crying as I always do when I think of your Winnie and Bonita and all the little angels in our lives.

Winnie was just a beautiful little soul and I bet she misses as much as you do her!


Jacki and the Lozano Puglets (on behalf of Bonita)

Bambi said...

HI, Thank you for visiting my page . I would like to add you to my blog role.Lets be friends.
Sweet Kisses ,Bambi The Spoiled Princes

Eduardo said...

I'm sorry about your Wiggles, she was a beautiful girl. That is a lovely painting! My Mommy is a big cry baby & always gets to leaking when she reads such sad stuff so we must go.
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Puglette said...

nancy, this is a beautiful tribute to your sweet winnie. i love your portrait, it is filled with love.

Debbi said...

Oh Nancy...what a lovely portrait of Miss Winnie. That was one of my favorite photos of her and this painting you have done of her is just beautiful...filled with your love. :o)

I knew the time was near and I had to shed some tears because she is just so dear, even tho I never met her in real life, but thru your writings and her diary in was like I had met her. She was a true little "diva." Now she is an Angel Diva. Hugs to Miss Winnie and you.

Clover said...

Oh Nancy, what a sweet tribute to your Winnie. It sounds like she was a delight!
Your paintings are just beautiful - and we really love this one!!
Sending lots of puggy hugs and kisses your way.
Love Clover xo

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh Nancy. You said it all and the poem is so sweet.
Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment on my Nizzy.
I like to say, 'there's no love like dog love. Amen"
I never say it in front of Wendell though. He's top cat in my world ;)

Karine said...

Such a sweet post. Made me tear up!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Somehow, I missed this post. It breaks my heart, not just for you...but for my own loss.
I had a "Winifred Wigglepants" - her name was Miley. I only had her for one very short year, but in that time she etched herself into my heart, and will be with me always.

Miley was a very old lady when we adopted her from a shelter in central Florida. From the looks of her, she had lived a rough life. She was blind in one eye...almost deaf, and had congestive heart failure. But despite all of this, she was a grande ole dame.
I gave her a home, and she gave me her love. The greatest gift that anyone (two legged or four legged) can give.

I dread the day, when my little George goes to Rainbow Bridge, but alas all who are born must die. Hopefully he will be around for many more years, but when he goes...

...Miley will be waiting for him. She will bark her hello, will wash his face, sniff his butt...and all will be well with them.(I would like to think that Miley and Winifred have met, and are great friends.)

Thank you for sharing your babies with all of us. They bring smiles to everyone who comes your way.