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Monday, May 18, 2009

Howie Enrolls Annie in Puggy Craig

Anniebelly, left, and Howie Pee, right,
about to partake of a treat
(Activity not sanctioned by Puggy Craig)

From Howie Pee Pugpants:

This here is Howie. Now I'm not exactly saying Annie is fat, but once saw her cut her toe and she bled gravy. So I'm providing some helpful suggestions for the gravitationally challenged.

I think by now yew have all had a chance to examine the forthwith previous documentation and will all agree Annie is a prime candidate for Puggy Craig. Notice the layers and layers of mooshiness in the picture above. *points to pug on the left* Now I didn't say that was fat, did I? The pug on the right is me, sleek, tall, good looking and exceptionally intelligent.

Now, take a look at the FAT DOG CHART I stole from Purina below that. It is clear that Annie fits all the parameters for excessive jiggliness. I have ordered a crate of them Puggy Craig dinners. I will eat the first crate for her, jest to make sure the food is safe.


Nevis said...

LMAO! I laughed aloud at the photo. Anniebelly, your gorgeous. Don't cave in to socieities pressures!

Stubby said...

Howie -

Annie doesn't need Puggy Craig - I do! Annie looks quite slim compared to me.

Please don't tell Mom about Puggy Craig or she will send me there asap. I like my excessive jiggliness and the rolls around my tummy. It took my years to get this good looking and I'm not about to lose it all now.

Stubby xoxo

Laura said...

I think she is just shorter than you. You'd better be careful, Howie - if she goes on a diet, that means no more treats in the house!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaw Howie - girls always have a little extra just makes more of them to love!

The Devil Dog said...

Howie, I think you are cruising for a bruising. I really do.


A New England Life said...

Annie, boys like girls with something to snuggle up to so don't you worry about it. After all Baby Got Back wouldn't be so popular if it weren't so true! Have another treat ; )

Love and kisses,
Aunty Sharon

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Oh little Annie
Don't listen to any thing your brother Howie says! You look very girly like you should look, and little Howie has too much time on his hands thinking . I think maybe he needs to find himself a job!
You look just fine. I bet you could beat him in a tuf of war!

Pearl said...

Howie, my sweetie pie... you need to come over to my house. Right now. I am a TINY bit scared that Annie is gunna see this post and beat you on into next week!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

howie you are too funny. stop picking on your sister. she is perfect!

m & ep

Dozer and Coop said...

Whew! You really scared Mum! she thought you had put Annie on Craig as in Craigslist - you know in the naughty column for naughty things! Which I would do because I think it would be really funny if your pawrents started getting phone calls from men they don't know asking for Annie! BOL!

Love, Dozer

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Oh no! I think that is extra skin, not fat Howie...

Annie needs a back tuck! lol

Anonymous said...

Uh oh Howie...I think you're gonna get a pounding from Annie. So she's got a little extra jiggle, it's what makes her extra cute.

But ya could try glueing her food into her dish so's she couldn't eat it....that would be funny!


Moco said...

We Annie be able to wear a bikini when she is done with the dinners?

Aniemother said...

You saying my Annie is FAT? Bah.. You should have a closer look at that photo. Which one of you have excess SKIN that would accomodate extra fat, but haven't, and which one is nice and filled up like a sausage? Huh?