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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Handsome Cheesy Pug

Java Cheesy
Main Street Vet Clinic
Flower Mound, Texas

This here is Java Cheesy

I don't get to write often because I live with Annie and Howie and well, need I say more?? Yesterday I went to see Dr. Carter and got my teeth cleaned. This picture was taken by one of my adoring lady friends at the vet. Notice my minty clean breath? *breathes into your face with his minty clean breath*

Now I can blow kisses to all my honeys without fear of embarrassing bad breath. While I was asleep, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman tickled my ears and found some cheese growing germs in there. They gave me a shot in my bee-hind and some pills. Imagine my worry to learn that my essential cheesiness could be taken away just like that? But Mom said that she is confident that after all this medicine is gone, my cheese will return again, just like the sunshine.

*eyes droop* Well footheater friend is calling and my tum is full of Cowboy Cookout stew. We'll talk more after naptime, I promise.


Cammie said...

Awww, that's Bella's handsum hun!!!

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hi Java!
We are always telling my brother that he smells like cheesies. Maybe you guys could make some kind of cheesy club?

Aniemother said...

You're looking good, Java! I had my toofies cleaned not long ago, too!


PeeEss: tell my Annie it's about time to start keeping an eye on the mail box, will you?

Sequoia & Petunia said...

We hopes your cheese stays with you cute Java!

A New England Life said...

Oh wise Mr. Cheese, you are looking very sharp. Smelling good too!

Sorry 'bout the cheeziness but what are you gonna do? That handsome face of yours makes up for any problems you might be dealing with.

I'm liking that Cowboy Cookout stew also!!

Your New England puggy friend,

Anonymous said...

May the cheese be with you, Obie Wan Java-Nobie.

Sorry about the shot in your bee-hind.....we think you should limp a lot for several days in order to get extra treats and such.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Java
I am sure the shot and removing any cheese will not distrupt your cuteness.
Maybe it was just the wrong kind of cheese?
A pill a day- keeps the doctor away. Tell you mom you need something good to hide the pill in- like maybe a hotdog or something.
I would like some stew please.

Hank said...

Wow, Java buddy......that breath o' yers DOES smell good! ('Course, ANYTHING would smell good compared to O'Mally's breath).

Think I could buy somma yer cheese? I like it with crackers an' PBR.

Pearl said...

Java, King of Cheese,

Don't worry punkin'! They can never take away your cheesiness. Only temporarily. I suspect it is back by now.

Momma is squealing about that most handsome picture of you. Something about wanting to smooch you sweet gray face.


Anonymous said...

Don't you worry Java, I bet you will be all cheesey smelling in now time! Gus has a secret and I don't know how he does it but it usually has nothing to do with his ears lol

dw said...

You'll be all minty fresh now for the holidays, but I think what your mom said is right...the cheesy will come back!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi java!
oh we can smelly your mintyness from here!
you are so handsome!
m & e

PugMoon - Paula - PAPugMom said...

Oh Java........may the cheese be with you!

You are such a handsome pug! Don't let them other push you around or take back seat.