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Sunday, March 14, 2010

AnnieBee Travels to FreddyBurg

This here is Annie - mom and dad took me to FreddyBurg last week. We left
the stinky boys at home, out of the public eye, where they belong.

This is my Dad, he carries me around and does my bidding.
He's a big guy, but, trust me, he's wrapped around my littlest pinky toe.

This is me thinking what it would be like to be a city dog like
my heart-throb Bajas. I think I could get used to the bright lights!

One should always peruse potential purchases carefully in order
to assess how they will fit into the current AnnieBee Collections.

I arrived at mommy's art show in Freddyburg fashionably late
and was adored by all my peeps. I take my job as Activity
Director at Flower Mound Art Studio very seriously.

Did you really think I would leave the store without a toy? Daddy had to
pick me up and run me over the scanner because I refused to release
this acquisition for checkout. Can you blame me? He SQUEEAKSSS!!


Hank said...

Oh, AnnieBee! We just had to laugh at your big ol' man-daddy walking you through the streets carrying a shopping bag and holding on to your girly leash!!!


But seriously......what would the Flower Mound Art Studio do without YOU as activity director??? They say no one is indispensable, but "they" never met YOU!

Lick ya later!


Jean Levert Hood said...

I love this post!!!!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

You are such a cutie pie Anniebee!!!

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

How fun to go on a roadtrip with your dad! Our dad carries Stella around all the time. She's a real daddy's girl. We loves all the pretty flowers your mom paints!

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Anonymous said...

awww this is perfect! it reminds me of when the delicious queen wiggles got to go to fredricksburg for a wonderful spaw weekend! anniebelly looks like she had a fabulous time and i'm LOVING that last photo of her!

Laura said...

I'm glad it was girls day out with her Daddy! The stinky boys would have ruined the day and probably farted during the art show!

Stubby said...

Hi AnnieBee! You are so lucky you got to take a roadtrip without those stinky brothers of yours. Clearly you are the brains of the operation and your maw and paw knew they needed you to assist them in FreddyBurg.

I'm trying to convince my parents that I need a roadtrip but so far they aren't buying it. What does a pug have to do to get a vacation?

Stubby xoxo

Anonymous said...

I've missed you guys and particularly Howard P's pithy comments! Glad to see everyone is well. Annie looks like a young female version of Mason.
Love you guys!
Sue, Mason, and Lizzie

Benny and Lily said...

What a great time in Freddies burg. You even did some window shopping. We sure are jealous
Benny & Lily

Becky said...

Annie, you are such a little darling. I can see why your Dad is wrapped around your little pinkie toe. I love pug girls in pink!

Dozer and Coop said...

We love Daddy running you over to the scanner! Toooo funny! Great pictures!

Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi anniebee!
oh what a fabulous trip you had with your mom and dad!
you are a very special puggy!
m & ep

Anonymous said...

Hahah that is awesome!!!

Usually it is a struggle to get things through the checkout while Gus or Indy watch frantically to make sure they get the toy back!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Dear Annie Bee,
Didn't it feels so good to have time alone with your mom and dad?
And to be carried around like a little queen? I think you are also a daddys girl.
And to tell you the truth I would not leave the store without a toy either. I would be drug out kicking and screaming- at least you did not put on a show,
Your mighty cute Annie Bee- all toys should be free for you.

dw said...

But of course you ended up with a toy! How could anyone refuse that adorable face?

Karine said...

I am so happy to visit this pugpant blog. Every time I do, it puts a smile on my face. You puggies are all so charming and lovable! Thank you for being you.

Moco said...

That looks like quite the outing that you went on.

Aniemother said...

OMD sweetie, I don't understand how i've missed this post! You look so furry cute as always, and I'm not sure having you next to your Mom's pretty pictures are a good idea.. Don't you think they all look at you instead of the pix?


Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

Oh Princess Annibelly, I'm so glad you had a good trip!! I am so proud of how well you've trained the daddy!! Great job!! Have fun with your new stuffie!! Squeak it for me!! =)



Ike said...

Looks like you did a great administrative job at the art show!