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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Official Mushroom Inspector Java Cheesy

Java Cheesy inspects some nifty new garden mushrooms.
studio - Kim Norris Pottery, with her doggy assistants!

Annie prefers her mushrooms stuffed
with cheese and capers.

Winnie's garden has some new spots
of color, and mushrooms that never
need watering! Thanks Kim!


Anonymous said...

How pretty!

miriam said...

love the pictures of the pugs (you art assistants).


Anonymous said...

Your mom puts them in the ground and my mom pulls them out! Are those shroom's any good? They look a little tough.

Winnie's garden is really nice. I could help you water the plants HPee . . .

Puggy Luv,

Sharon said...

Do you think the weather girl will be wearing her 'nothings' all summer long? Dang!

Nancy and the fatties said...

LOL! Hi Winna - Howard Pee said that you are welcome to come help him pee on the mint in Winnie's Garden. Daddy likes to put that in his tea.
Thank you for the comments Miriam and Casbah Kitty. Sharon, you quit giving me a hard time about my scantily dressed weathergirl. After all, I got her from your blog! ; )
Nancy and the busy fatties

Carolyn said...

Nancy, I love the mushrooms. The garden is so pretty. Carolyn

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh i love the mushrooms!
what a beautiful addition to winnie's garden! you make my heart smile.