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Friday, August 1, 2008

Havin' a Pawty Fur Emmitt-Pants!

The Birthday Pug Himself - Mr. Emmitt

Howard would like to recognize his distinguished friend
Mister Emmitt who turns 12 years young today,
with a little song: *Howie clears throat*
Happy birthday to Emmitt-Paaaaants
Happy birthday to Emmitt -Paaaaanttttts
Happy birthday dear Emmitt-Paaaaannnttttssss
Happy birthday tewwww yewwwwww!
*Howie ties apron around neck
and holds out his empty plate for cake*
We love you Mr. Emmitt! Woof on over to his
mommy's blog to join the pawty today! *Annie
dances around and does the mashed potato*


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nancy, howie, annie and java!
thank you for the birthday song and wishes. you made our whole day!
i will be driving home from camp in a few hours. it was a great week, but i am itching to give my pug a big birthday hug!
m & e

Sharon said...

How cute is that! Happy 12th Birthday Emmitt! May your mom be home soon as I know she is missing her special man ; )

Sharon and Winn's