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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Howard Pee and the Toilet Paper Caper

If mom hadn't gone out of town,
none of this EVER wudda happened.

I was bored, k?

WUTT? I'm jest checkin to see: does she have it
rollin' under or does she have it rollin' over...

Hey, this don't taste half bad.

Hmmm, a nice light texture, chewy to the taste
with a pleasing aroma. Gaaaaa....

Interesting how it bunches up in the cheeks
the more you chew....

Ruh roe!! I hear the dad. Time to make the escape!!!


A New England Life said...

Hey Howie,

I've never been much of a toilet paper guy myself but it looks like you sure are having fun! I think you and Lily could be TP buds ; )

Puggy Luv,

Anonymous said... definately need a hobby! But how funny!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

has emmy pants been givin you ideas? for 12 years we have had all of our toliet paper in nice little baskets on top of the back tank instead of on the wall because of one little puggy!
and at 12, it is not like he grew out of the idea...i just heard from melanie, his aunt and pugsitter, that he got into her bathroom and had a feast on tp.
oh my nancy! our puggies have an antenna and are communicating!

Karine said...

Howard P - you are a charming mischief maker! Pono couldn't care less about toilet paper, but he LOVES to dig holes. "Bomb shelters"
Also, pulling all the fuzz out of a stuffed toy is extremely entertaining. You should try it sometime!

Laura said...

I guess they don't call you the "Pee" for nothin'! You're not supposed to get photographed when you're doing bad stuff - LOL!

Manon Doyle said...

Oh so funny! All my dogs have been big toilet paper eaters. Otis tries to steel it out of my hands! LOL!

The Devil Dog said...

Heh heh. I have a couple of photos of us with toilet paper too. Except I dragged it out from the bathroom to our dog bed. Oops.


Pet planet said...

my dog also loves playing with toilet paper... after rolling out all the toilet paper he will just leaves the room and leave all the mess to me... sill dog... lol

Thoughts said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Your pugs are SO cute and you get such great shots of them!