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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Annie Writes a Letter to the Easter BunnyPug

Dear Easter BunnyPug:

This here is Anniebelly. You remember me, I had my first easter last year in my new home with Howie Fartypants and Java SmellsCheesey, my new brothers. I've been really good so I just want one thing this year. To move in with Tweedles. Please see attached documentation to support my official request below. *Annie lowers lights and flips on laser pointer*

As you can see, Tweedles is given REAL delicious
eggs, while I am given, well, NOTHING. *cuts
googley little eyes at her mama*

Tweedles also receives magnificent bouquets of
tulips and easter themed flowers appropriate to
whichever holiday is currently on the puggy calendar.
As you can see from my empty vases *pronounced vaw-zez*
I get NOTHING. *looks pointedly again at her mama*

Easter BunnyPug, I have confidence in your ability to
immediately assess what I am about to say just from
one glance at this picture. If you need me to EXPLAIN
why I need to move in with TweedleyPug more, well,
you are certainly not the Bunny I originally took you for.
*Annie flick lights back up and catches Howie snoring
in back of room* I eagerly await the Easter BunnyPug
Bus that will take me to Tweedles House.

LOVE and KISSES with hearts and little flowers,


Pearl said...

Oh Annie! I couldn't agree with you MORE! Did you SEE what my Momma gave me for Easter? Nope... me neither.

Can I move into Tweedles house with you?! Can Howie come too?? Ohhh, I am so excited!

*Pearl gets out her "Goin' to Grandma's" suitcase and starts filling it with kibble*

Aniemother said...

I didn't really get anything for easter either.. But perhaps I'll get something for my birthday tomorrow. *eying mom*

Big kisses

Laura said...

Tweedles certainly made out like a bandit! I can see why you want to move in with him. I think the Easter pugbunny must have gotten lost on the way to your house!

Salinger The Pug said...

First off...HILARIOUS post!!!

Second...Annie, I'm sure the Easter PugBunny didn't upload the newest maps into his GPS system and he got a little lost (happens to us all the time!). I'm sure if you give him a day or two...he'll make good on his delivery.

(pssst...we told Pearly's mom this too...but FYI, Easter junk is HALF OFF now! ;-)

Happy Tuesday!


The Gurneys said... not tell Bella that other dogs get Easter baskets! She will be jealous! :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh cutie pie! I´m sure your buddy will share some eggs and toys with you. You just have to ask pretty please.....

Brill said...

Oops, Pepe didn't get any special Easter treats either- or Jerry, or so he complains. Does the pleasure of my company for four whole days off work not mean anything to them ? ;>

Neas Nuttiness said...

I had no idea that Easter Goodies where so important to Puggies, and other 4-legged fur babies! I hope that George and Gracie will forgive the Easter BunnyPug, cause he didn't show up at our house either!
Maybe next year!

Becky said...

Don't feel too bad, Fuji didn't get anything either. I think the Easter Bunnypug forgot all of ya'll. Poor pugs!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi Anniebelly,
I am so sorry the Easter Bunny did not come!
You can certainly come to my home,anytime. I will share with you, I would be so happy! But I know that at your house, you get some mighty pretty paintings painted of you and your brothers. I have enough toys for a whole barrell of pugs. You did not even get a chance to see my Easter Basket yet! Tell ya what, I am going to also write a letter to the Easter Bunny to make sure he has your address.
In the mean time- come on over- lets party!
love and puggie kisses

Stubby said...

Anniebelly and Nancy - I too would like to move in with Tweedles. I did not get anything from the Easter Bunny - not even a broken egg. I am so angry at him that I am going to boycott Easter next year!

Thank you so much for putting my picture on your blog. I love it - SWP - that's me, but you silly pugs must have been playing around with keys on the keyboard when you typed in my location because I live in Illinois, not Indiana.

You guys are the best! Stubby xoxo

Puglette said...

i'm packing up and heading to tweedles too!!
see you there!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

annie, that was an excellent presentation and well, emmitt watched it and has packed his bags. he wants to come and live with you and tweedles.

he says he is waiting on the SW corner of our yard under the barberry bush for shade.

m & ep

Pearl and Daisy said...

Yeah, Tweedles has a sweet deal. Wonder why the Easter Bunny doesn't do all that for us either...hmmm...

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Anonymous said...

All I got for Easter was a fart from you think she's related to Howie?


Fifi Flowers said...

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