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Monday, May 4, 2009

Howie Says Annie Has Swine Flu

Note the symptoms: flat nose, small eyes, fuzzy face...

A Goth piggy with multiple nose rings (and tattoos not shown).

From Howie Pee:

I have some jest turble news. Through scientific analysis and careful puggy observation, I have concluded my sister, Anniesmelly, has swine flu.

In addition to them pictures I posted, here are the facts:

1 - Annie has a flat nose
2 - Annie snorts like a pig
3 - Annie eats like a pig
4 - Annie gets real mad at me sometimes, and I think pigs probably would too, if they knew me
5 - Annie looks like a pig

I am not sure what to do, since obviously innocent pug-standers like me and Java have been exposed. So I have locked Anniesmelly in the garage with the trash cans until Mama comes home from work today. Jest ignore that banging sound. That's the wind. You won't want to be around later when Mama lets Annie out. It won't be pretty. *Howie packs bags and prepares to run for the hills.*


Aniemother said...

You locked my Annie away? I'm sure you're the little piggy if there is one! Let her out at once!


Pearl said...

Oh Howie, that Bajas is all worked up. If miss Annie Pants is sickie, you've done us all a favor! They should give you some kinda pandemic-control award!!! ;)

Go see my bloggie, Howie... I might really have the Swine flu?!? I need you to comfort meeeee!!!

Stubby said...

Howie - Poor Annie! It seems like this swine flu thingy has finally gotten to us pugs.

If you can get swine flu from eating pigs (and eating like a pig) then I definitely have it. I sometimes eat pig for all my meals. I love it! Dad prepares it for me since Mom doesn't eat any animals. She doesn't know what she's missing!
Stubby xoxox

Salinger The Pug said...

Poor Annie! That FACE!!!!!

Ok...this post totally cracked us up because we're laughing at the buttwhooping that Howie Pee is going to get when Annie gets ahold of him!



Neas Nuttiness said...

Oh - please let Anniebelly back in!!!
I'm very upset with you, but can't help laughing.

Pearl said...

Thanks for the reassuring words, my sweet Howie. We'll see what the big bad vet-man says tomorrow. For now, I'm just gunna milk it.

* Pearl rings her bell *

'MOMMA! I need a cool rag to lay on my rolly-jiggly neck!'

Eduardo said...

Not the swine flu! Oh No! Surely Java can use his cheesyness to cure her!?!?
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Laura said...

I think I know who the real stinker is, and it isn't sweet little innocent Annie!

How funny, Howie - my word verification is "Reebad". I think you are reebad!

The Devil Dog said...

Oh Howie, I think you will be in lots of trouble when your mom gets home. Hope you can run fast.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, you know Howie.....I think I heard Alice snort. Maybe I should lock her in there with Anniebelly......or in the trash dumpster........


Tweedles -- that's me... said...

OH Howie,
Not the swine flu! Is there any chance you might get to feelin sorry for her and let her back in? After all, she might get chilled ya know! If you don't - well you better run fast!

Moco said...

Howie, there comes a time in our lives when we must give up for the greater good. Everyone is lucky that you had the sense to put Annie in the garage so as not to spread the swines around the nieghborhood. You are for sure a humanitarian.

Fifi Flowers said...

Thank goodness she does not have nose rings like that pig!

A New England Life said...

Well I don't know if small eyes fit the bill . . .

Send her up this way Howie, Winston sure could use a little pig to snuggle with. Swiney or not!

Dozer and Coop said...

You are so naughty! We LOVE YOU! And aspire to be your equal some day.

Love, Dozer

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!

i think Gus has the swine flu too... he snorts!

Becky said...

I think you have stepped in some deep doo and you are going to be up to your neck in it when your Momma gets home! Better save yourself while there is still time!

A Tail of 2 Doggies said...

Gracie here - good going Howie...I wish I could figure out a way to lock George up for a while. Come to think of it - he's look'n a lot like a pig to me!

Pearl and Daisy said...

Uh-oh! We think we might have the swine flu too then! Mommy always says there's not much difference between us and piggies!!!!

I hope we don't get locked in the garage.

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

A Tail of 2 Doggies said...

George here - LET ANNIEBELLY OUT - RIGHT NOW! And if Gracie thinks she can lock me up...she has another think come'n!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my howie...

me thinks you might want to let miss annie in and give her some treats so your momma does not find out about this little diagnosis.

emmitt (ps there is still lots of meatloaf here if you want to hide out for a few days.)

Sandy said...

Oh my glad I found your blog. Thank you for the sweet comment about our Little Holly. She was a sweet baby girl and I am so lucky to have had her for the short time that I did. I see you lost Winnifred, your angel in December. The loss never goes away, but how wonderful it is to have the good memories.