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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Linus Showin Off...Again

Do you recognize this handsome face? This is Linus Puppy! He came over a few weeks ago to show off his new Puppia harness. After conferring with his uncle Howard Pee, Linus specifically picked out the BLUE harness because he wanted to make sure no puggy mistook him for a sissypug.

Linus and his mom, Susan.


Becky said...

That color suits Linus. Definitely all boy!!

My word verfication is messe. That pretty much describes Fuji when she is eating!

Aniemother said...

Looking good!



Just stopping by to let you know we did my Spring Flower post last night. Come on over when you can see how cute Winnifred looks on my post.

Thanks again for being apert of my post.


Laura said...

He looks very handsome in blue!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Linus, you look so sharp in your new harness! And I have never seen a harness like it - so you are unique. And besides that, I think you are adorable!
I love that picture of you and your mama. Its the look of love!

Moco said...

Howie, once again shows that his taste is truly of the highest quality.

Rosie said...


Pearl said...

I hope you got my note on your last post. I was wonderin' what you were up to! Did Aunt Bitsy feed ya lots and lots while your momma was away? Did she 'accidentally' not give Annie a booster booster? Oh, I hope she listened to ya Howie!

Linus is growin' like a weed! He is pretty stinkin' cute! I love that tongue!

See ya at Emmitt's this weekend, right??

XOXO Pearly

Sandra y Coco said...

Linus, man, what did you eat??? you grew up a lot! you don't have a baby-puggy-face anymore, but you are still adorable!

Pearl said...

Oh Howie, now ya know I couldn't forget ya! I dreamed about you the whole week you were away! Did ya get all the letters I sent??

I am just givin' Harry a smooch because he is one of my boyfriends and it's his birthday, but don't worry... ok? There's enough of my Pearly jiggly goodness to go around, Howie!

Your Pearl

Pearl and Daisy said...


You're very handsome! Blue suits you.

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty spiffy harness you've got yourself trussed into Linus! If you ever need lessons on how to 'scape it just let me know. *wink*

jane (the bad influence)

PS Hiya Howie!

The Devil Dog said...

Dear Linus, that is a nifty harness. We don't think anyone could mistake you for a girly pug. You are all manpug for sure.


Neas Nuttiness said...

That is one great looking harness! Would you please let me know where you got it?