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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Missy - Blind and Fearless

Missy, Age 1
Blind and Fearless!

I work with the Dallas pug rescue group, and we have been getting in so many pugs lately due to the economy. Here is the story of one little gal with courage and charisma who is looking for a furever home....


This my fellow Pug Lovers is Missy. She is all of a year old and has been dealt a real hard blow in life. When Missy was brought in to rescue recently, she had a severe eye injury that required her eye to be removed.Missy had not yet gotten her sutures out when she injured her other eye. As feared, she lost that eye as well. Missy is only a year old and now totally blind with no eyes at all but this has not dampened her Pug spirit.

Missy is a very happy little girl and her little donut tail waggles so hard, we fear she is going to lift off the ground soon. Dallas pug rescue has placed a lot of blind Pugs over the years into loving homes, and, as long as you are not a furniture mover, she will do fine.

The family that is fostering Missy owns a blind Pug that they have had since 1998, and you cannot tell she is blind. Blind Pugs do great if their humans can learn how to work with them. Please consider giving this Little Missy the home she deserves. You can find an application for her on the Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue web site at


Gee said...

If only we lived near you I would jump mountains to get her. How beautiful she is... You can see the strength of her character in her face. Go Missy, we know you will get a loving home with Aunt Nancy's help!

Aniemother said...

Aww.. the little darling. I hope she finds the bestest furever home out there!


Rachel said...

What a sweet baby girl! Pugs are better people than most people. They know how to stay positive when the rest of us would give up hope. Here's hoping she finds the perfect home soon!

Pearl said...

I'm with Rachel, puggies are so inspiring! That made me cry (as almost all rescue babies do).

I bet Coco would love to meet Missy! He's such a sweet example of how resilient pugs are!

Thanks for sharing this, Nancy, and for all the work you do with the rescue!!


Anonymous said...

Too bad you can't just pack Missy up and send her to Gee. Sounds like a perfect match to me.

Puglette said...

can you send her to washington?!? we have a special spot in our hearts for blind puggies. we were blessed with our little daisy for just one year, but what a sweet pug she was. thank you so much for sharing missy's story. i am sending her lots and lots of love.

Anonymous said...

We all took a vote here and if we were in Texas we'd run right over there and get Missy! Momma got all teary eyed over her photo and story. I would personally be her seeing eye cat and help her out! We all hopes she gets the bestest home out there with lots of love and treats.

jane & Alice

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh look at missy! she is so beautiful! what a lucky puggy to have so many wonderful people helping her.
i am thinking of her!
m & e

Becky said...

Wishing Missy the best in finding her furever home. She will be just fine cause pugs have the attitude of never give up!

Puglette said...

hi nancy, thank you so much for offering to be a sponsor for us. i only wish we could take sweet missy into our home. i am out of work and worry that we will lose our home. i will keep an eye on missy and donate when i can. i did last month and will again. please tell missy she is loved in washington.
hugs to you all,

Stubby said...

Missy is adorable! I wish I could have a sister but I am an old puggie that likes being an only child.

I know you will find a good home for Missy and I am sending hugs and kisses to her!

Stubby xoxo

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Oh Aunt Nancy
Thank you for sharring the story of Missy. Bless her little heart and yours for the work you do to help. I know your heart must break at times seeing these little ones that need help.
I wish I could have her. Can you pack her up and send to Oregon?
I am keeping my paws crossed she finds a home real soon. What an adorable little girl, with a brave heart,

Moco said...

We will send out vibes for Missy to find that wonderful furever home.

DogLover said...

Love the story. I got a dog door for my guy years ago and it was one of the best investments I ever made. Pet Doors give you and your dog the freedom he deserves.

The Devil Dog said...

We hope Missy finds a wonderful forever home very soon. She is such a cutie.

Roxy & Lucky

Sandra y Coco said...

Hi Nancy! as soon as I read this, I run to talk with my husband. "can we have another pug?" Missy looks like a great match for Coco because she is a girl and, well, they are alike. Coco can't handle stress because he has hormonal problems and I thought that Missy could be nice with him. Problem is, my husband has severe allergy problems and he DOES NOT want to go to the doctor to get an allergy treatment (he had surgery a few months ago). He can't breath well at night and he says that another dog will be as to have double the amount of allergens at home. I really hope Missy finds a forever home soon. Everybody should know that a dog with no eyes is almost no different than a dog with eyes, specially a pug.

Hank said...

Nancy, honey.....I know Missy will find a good home. It's amazin' what blind dogs can do. My sister, Becca, lost her eyesight earlier this year, but the ol' gal can still get around I tell ya what!