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Monday, August 2, 2010

Java Directs A Pug Rescue Photoshoot

Brianna the pug is helping her dad, Nick
with the photoshoot of Puddin Pop

This here is Java

Ma said that since I managed to get into almost every picture on Saturday, I get to do the bloggy post today. As you can see, I was Mister Super Helpful when little Puddin Pop came over to get her photos made by the professional that day. This was my back yard, you see, so I felt it was important to be sure it was all done correctly.

Mister Camera Guy had to shoot Puddin's closeup six times before he got it right, because I kept jumping in front of the lens to try to explain to him about how he needed to adjust his lighting and to make sure nopuggy was getting snacks that I wasn't privvy to. Mom finally grabbed me and held me out of the way, which I found very disturbing, being as Mister Camera Guy clearly needed help. After all, why else would he bring his assistant, Brianna, to stand on his shoulders and snort directions?

I kind of got crushy on little Puddin, look how cute she is! Mom said she was a perfect lady and Howie said I should get her phone number and ask her out, seeing as she has her own wheels and I don't know how to drive. Puddin was dropped off at a shelter and could not walk when she came to Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue. After some hydrotherapy and a new wheelcart, she is getting around pretty as you please.

Mom said if I ever need some fancy wheels, she knows exactly how she'll train me. She'll hang a big ole hunk of cheese in front of my nose. I suggested we start practicin' right now.

Aunty JoAnn and Puddin Pop

Puddin smiling pretty and me, Java, in the
background, making sure it's all done right


Becky said...

You did a great job, Java! I think the 2 of you make a cute couple! Go for it!

Stubby said...

Hi Java! Your maw just doesn't understand how helpful you are. I mean who would have directed the photo shoot is you weren't there? Sheesh! Tell that woman to chill!

I sure hope you got Puddin's number because she is super cute. I'm thinking some wheels may be in my future but for now I'm still wobbling along!

Stubby xoxo

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

Java, it was so nice of you to make Puddin's photo shoot a success!!! I'm so proud of you!!!



Hank said...

Java, bud....good work.

An' yeah, I think you should ask that gal out on a date. Tell 'er "you fly, I'll buy!".

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Hee Hee Java you are so greats at photo shots you should help me outs with one!


Benny and Lily said...

Java without you, there would be NO photos...
Benny & Lily

Winston (smilingpug) said...

she is just gorgeous and we luv how helpful you were in the photo shoot

agent99 said...

Great Job! Loooove those wheels. I am sure the photos you directed will help Puddin' Pop find a wonderful family to join.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

It looks like your showing off to little Puddin Pie. She is a cutie alright and I know you wanted r- to make sure all those photos came out perfect.
I think she has her eyes on you too. She is batting her little eyes lashes at you

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job directing the photo shoot! Puddin Pop IS a cutie, we think you should ask her out to Starbucks!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh Java!!! Yous did 'da most successful jobs wits the narration of 'da bloggy post!!

Can you please tell Puddin Pop 'dat she is cutes too's... but make its yous owns...snorts!!

Oh...say hello's to Anniebelly's from our Josie... Josie is off's playing bingo right nows...

Hugs!! Anakin Man and Izzy

Sallie said...

Puddin Pop is so cute! I'm so happy that she is getting around ok. And I love your blog. I'm so happy I found you!