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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boris the Intrepid Schnauzer

Boris the Intrepid Schnauzer, 11X14, Oil

Boris was a little San Diego Schnauzer who had a pretty tough life until he was rescued by my friend Mindy. She nursed him back to health, both physically and mentally, and he enjoyed the good life with his pug brother Elvis by his side. As you can see, Boris was quite the dresser. His closet was always full, as his mom has her own business with cool T-shirts and gifts. In addition to taking care of her critters and running her own business, Mindy can play Scrabble in three languages! You can see some of her latest creations at her web site. Her designs on math and autism have gained quite a bit of notoriety on Zazzle. I just ordered a painting apron with a design of Pablo Pug-casso on it and can't wait to show it off at the paintout at the Dallas Arboretum next week!