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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Howard's Howl-OWeen Costume

Happy Halloween from Howie
wearing his new holday outfit from All You Need Is Pug!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Day at the Puggy Races With AnnieBee

This here is AnnieBelly

I have my new holiday bling on from Aunty Joan, because I am going to the races today! Mom said that this was the new event at PugOWeen and since I am the only pug in the house who can trot faster than a squirrel superglued to shag carpet, I get to watch! Shhh. Don't tell my stinky brothers, and you can watch with me. Just click the linky below. It will be our little secret!

(Photo by Shagly Photography)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Howie's Fav PugOWeen Pix

Tugboat Willie

This here is Howie

I din't get to go to PugOWeen this year. Anniebelly said that I needed to stay home out of the public eye, where I belong, but I think she's jest jealous cuz I get to do the post today. This here at top is my favorite picture from PugOWeen. I wudda worn this but mebbe named it FartBoat Howie. Maw said this PugOWeen had 960 peeps and 450 pugs plus some dogs who weren't pugs but wisht they were. This will go down in history as the biggest pug rescue event in Texas history, and so I'm sure you can understand why I am so upset I dint get to go. Imagine all the peoples bags and purses I cudda dug threw for treats all day long.

This here is Peanut the rescue puppy - he is blind but from what
his maw said, he still gets fed a lot and has fun
and plays all the time with his brother. He and his sister Butters
were left in a milk crate in a Dallas park in August and rescued by
them DFW Pug Rescue volunteer folks. Now they are both fat and

This here is a headless puggy type
thingy ma bob that gives me
the shivers, I tell yew. Maw said
this one won a big award!

This here was a big rug with legs
that wasn't a pug, but wisht it was. Her maw said
she was throwed outta the back of a pickup starvin
and had a broken femur when they rescued her. Now
she is all well and very furry and happy, as you can see.

This was maw's favorite float in the PugOWeen parade,
the little Pug on the Prairie. I wonder if they had real
food in that wagon, like some beans? *drools*

This here is my pal Wally the rescue pug,
dressed as Ernie From Sesamee Street.
I like Wally, he tells it like it is and don't
take no guff offa his sisters.

This here was a doggy with big antanneees
for ears. She looks pretty cute, even though
she is not a pug.

There will be lots more pictures to share and yew can see summa them at later this week. Them volunteer folks gotta get them all posted first, so be patient, I tell ya!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Annie's Friend Jane, Annie's New Bling, and Annie's New Movie

Jane Austen-Eyre the Puggy, Uber Cutey

This here is Annie

I want to introduce you to my friend Jane Austen-Eyre. Please say hi to Jane! I have been sending her instructional videos to assist her in training her family to do her bidding. She is living in the little house where Skippy Wu Angel Puggy used to reside, so she has a powerful little jiggley guardian angel watching over her. She also is the Studio Director for my Aunty Joan's bling factory for doggies, Linden Line Designs.

Just today I noticed this little accessory below made by Aunt Joan that I currently do not yet own. *looks pointedly at her mommy* This evening mommy will be measuring me so that the order for my new bell collar will be placed post haste with her creddy card. After all, we puggy girls have to line up our holiday attire months in advance of the pawties! I am thinking the gold would match my eyes, but the green is also nice.

While you are shopping, you can enjoy my latest movie, starring me.

The Skippy Wu Bell Collar
A Howliday Bling Must-Have

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again....

Gettin my cowboy on...

This here is Howie

I was having tummy bubbles again last week, so maw took me back to the doctor for another visit. I am feeling much better now, so I have no idea what all the fuss was about. She gets hysterical every time I leave a squirty pile in the yard, even though I told her I was leaving those strategically for when Annie chases her ball, like little poopy traps, so to speak. Annie stepped in one jest the other day and walked away from her ball in a big sulk. I wisht you cudda seen it. It was priceless.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman gave me some pills so maw has to give me an extra meal at bedtime now, so it all worked out to the best. Now if I could jest get offa this special diet and get my scrambley eggs and cheese again, I'd be a happy pug. You will be shocked and awed to learn that none of us are getting any of those delicious necessities any more, maw says no more table scraps fur the pugs on accounta my pancrea-yay-titis. Have you ever heard such hooey in your life? SOS!!!!