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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sunflower Fusion

Sunflower Fusion, Watercolor, 21X15

Sunflower Fusion was painted on a summer evening in Santa Barbara, working from a tabletop piled with sunflowers. My friends and I would visit the Farmer's Market downtown every Saturday morning. We'd wait until 10 minutes before close to get buckets of fresh flowers for pennies. I never managed to leave without a giant bag of hot kettle corn, too. No art studio should ever be without popcorn. My four-footed studio assistants insist on it.

Adventures of a PuggyTag

Once upon a time there was a little PuggyTag who wanted
to travel and see the world and meet new friends...

He went to the airport and waited patiently,
oh so patiently, for a plane to Boston. After all,
they have Boston creme pie there...

When he got to Boston, PuggyTag was
very thirsty, so he drank one of these...

Afterward, his tummy was very, very full.

They had to re-name the restaurant after PuggyTag left...

At last PuggyTag found what he was looking for...
a little puggy friend named Winston,
who looked very, very familiar.