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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Missy - Blind and Fearless

Missy, Age 1
Blind and Fearless!

I work with the Dallas pug rescue group, and we have been getting in so many pugs lately due to the economy. Here is the story of one little gal with courage and charisma who is looking for a furever home....


This my fellow Pug Lovers is Missy. She is all of a year old and has been dealt a real hard blow in life. When Missy was brought in to rescue recently, she had a severe eye injury that required her eye to be removed.Missy had not yet gotten her sutures out when she injured her other eye. As feared, she lost that eye as well. Missy is only a year old and now totally blind with no eyes at all but this has not dampened her Pug spirit.

Missy is a very happy little girl and her little donut tail waggles so hard, we fear she is going to lift off the ground soon. Dallas pug rescue has placed a lot of blind Pugs over the years into loving homes, and, as long as you are not a furniture mover, she will do fine.

The family that is fostering Missy owns a blind Pug that they have had since 1998, and you cannot tell she is blind. Blind Pugs do great if their humans can learn how to work with them. Please consider giving this Little Missy the home she deserves. You can find an application for her on the Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue web site at