Howie's Fan Club

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Howie's Daring Nighttime Raid


THIS HERE IS HOWIE *whispery voice*

I'm teaching foster brother Tanner the important tools of the trade and the lesson here is a night time freezer drawer raid. Now oncet you get the drawer open, you gotta shoves all the boring stuff aside like this.

Then you grabs the frozen doggy treats mommy hides in here fur you that she don't know that you know that you know about even though she don't know it. You get the pitcher.

Since I don't got no thumbs, I grabs the bag wiff my mouffff *speaks wiff mouff full*

Oh CWAP! It FELL! Ooopsie, I said Cwap. heh heh

Then, now this is the most important part so pay attention! When maw sez WHY IS THERE A BAG OF TREATS ON THE FLOOR THIS MORNING you jest tilt your head and say wutt? huh? Aren't I cute maw? Can I have summa those?