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Monday, November 15, 2010

Howie's Belly Goes Up in Lights

Howie and Dr. Quinn Who He Adores

This here is Howie

As yew can see, I went to visit Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman last week. She wanted some pictures of my belly. She said everything looked good, and then she said I had gas, which I could have told maw if she had asked. Annie coulda told maw, too, since she experiences it first-hand courtesy of me.

This here is my belly. See my curly tail? Dr. Quinn laft when she saw my tail. I am not sure why it is comical, but as long as she carries me around and tells me I am cute, she can laff at my tail all day long.

This here is what I can't eat anymore, it's tragical I tell ya! Jest cause of my belly, Annie and Java and me don't get table scraps. Maw sez they are dangerous for doggies, "case in point Howie." Have yew ever heard so much hooey in your life? Good thing maw had the presence of mind to get me some healthy treats, or there cudda been a puggy riot in the house.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Winnie, My Heart Pug

Winnie Wiggles went to heaven 3 years ago, after
a battle with GME encephalitis.

I still hear her little paws clicking on the wood floor
at night, coming up the hallway at bedtime.