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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fatties in Fetties - GQ Pug Edition

Java in his preppy sweater
vest from Aunty Melissa and
Cousin Emmypants

Howie sez Annie looks like an
overripe tomato in her new fettie
but Annie sez she is Da Bomb.

Howie aka GQ Puggy

The three fatties in their fetties from
Aunty Melissa and Cousin EmmyPants

The most exciting prezzies arrived at the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs! Bran new sweater vests from Aunty Melissa and Cousin Emmy of PugNotes just in time to ring in the New Year! Howie enjoyed a special bonus moment of tearing up the tissue wrapping. Melissa of Pugnotes creates amazing designs and critter art and we have loved and adored her and her Activity Director and Number One Studio Assistant Emmy-Pants fur just about furever.

What a wonderful gift, we could not believe our eyes! Annie was feeling especially cute in her red outfit and immediately began shopping for matching shoes. Howie quickly discovered that wearing a fabulous blue sweater attracted treats from admiring hoomans and Java gave his beautiful orange sweater three toes up and circle snaps shortly before falling into a post-brekkies coma on his favorite pillow snuggled in the warm, soft outfit from his Aunty.

Thank you so much Melissa for these beautiful sweater vests! The fatties never looked so good!