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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Gets Even With Howie

Howie's prezzie from Aunty Kelly and Uncle Rocky
(shhh....he thinks this was a gift from Pugmass Claus)

From HowiePants:
Ever since I asked Sandy Claws fur fat little french fried elves with ranchy dippin' sauce, he has obviously held a grudge. Yew would really think the fat guy would not be holdin grudges and such, bein as Christmas Karma can git yew and all. Well it sure got me this year. Holy cow, the hat even lights up and plays Jingle Bells.

Anypuggy out there with thumbies, I could use a little help right now. Dozer, CooperMan, rollin on the ground laffin is NOT the kinda help I'm needin. I need somepuggy to dial 9 One One!!! Cuz this outfit is a CRIME!!!