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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Survival of the Fattest or Howie Prepares for 2012

This is me in my survival gear.

This here is Howie:

I've been real bizzy lately preparing fur Dec. 13, 2012. Maw has been watching them funny Scy Fy shows and she said the world is gonna have meteor storms and floods that day so I have been workin on my:


1 - Save the food

2 - Make sure Java and Linus got their life vests on

3 - Get Xlarge zippylock bags fur the dry kibble

4 - Make floaty raft out of Annie's rubber toys with soupy glue

5 - Prepare to raid top shelfs of pantry when waterline reaches five feets

6 - Make sign that sez NO Girls On RAFT and wack Annie with it when she swims by

This last picture here is my cousin Linus. He is demonstratin that if
times gets tough, you can munch on the leg of any female who happens
to wander by. I'm real proud of him. He has learnt a lot from me and he turns 1 year old today. Happy birthday LinusPants!