Howie's Fan Club

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Warden Intercepts CratePrisoner Howie's Mail

Linus - WHAT? They've locked up
HowiePee?? My mentor, trainer, and

Perhaps if I destroy this here turtle
they will throw me in the slammer and Howie
and me can work out an escape plan.
That would make me CratePrisoner 619248!

As soon as Maw's back is turned,
I'm gonna hop that durn fence and
go and rescue Howie!

Actual Letters Found Under Howie CratePrisoner's Mattress

Dear Linus, this here is Howie.

Maw is makin the bed or some such useless nonsense when in fact she should be making me scrambley egg. Anyway, I jest opened her mail again and saw a TURBLE picture your Maw sent to her. I thought I would warn yew cuz it is probably gonna end up on the blog. Pack your bags and go to Tahiti for a week, my friend, until the media frenzy over this latest picture blows over. All I can say is when your Maw points that flashy thing at yew in the future, turn your head. Hey, it works fur me!
Your Uncle, Idol, Mentor and still CRATEPRISONER 619247 Howie Pee

Dear CRATEPRISONER 619247 Howie Pee,

It will probly take me a few weeks to work out a good plan, but I’m a comin to bust ya out of there Howie! Jest lay low and don’t draw any attention to yerself, k? I’m werking on my eskape plan but I’ll be there soon!