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Friday, June 8, 2012

Heroes in the Sky - Howie's Tribute to Hank

Hank, the King of Pugs

Dear Big Fella in the Sky

This here is Howie. I know I usually have to apologize for stuff I've done when we talk, but today I just want to ask you to watch over my buddy and my hero, Hanklin. He's settling in on his bran new cloud at your house and I imagine right about now he got his first look at my sissy Winnie Wiggles, whose jiggles have been known to give younger pugs palpitations. I'm glad Hank is feeling better today. He just sent me a text that he just had his fourteenth hamburger and washed it all down with a cold brew from the best stuff on tap he ever tasted. He said you even remembered no onion on his burger, without being reminded at all. Tomorrow he said he and all the pugs are going skiing on a pontoon pugboat and then they're gonna roast weenies and marshmallows and sit by the pool while the ladies talk about what will be on the all you can eat 24-hour buffet. He said the only thing that could make it better was if he got to tell his maw, one more time, how much he loves her. I promised I'd pass that along if he'd send me one of them hotdogs. Thanks for watching over Hank - tell him I'll be waiting on that delivery here by the front door. Signed most sincerely, Howie.