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Monday, June 15, 2009

Howie's Shiny New Marvelous Award and a Gift For PacoPuggy

From Howard Pee Pugpants:

I got this here award from my good pal and staunch supporter StubbyPug recently. Notice how large and shiny it is, and how it sparkles in the light. I think it is a much better award than Anniebelly Fattypants got. She has been marchin around all week talking about how she is an "Award Winnin Pug" and I got to tell yew it is enough to make yew want to hurl.

Instead of sharing this award I'm gonna keep it all to myself, like I do all my awards. I am bizzy creating a new award, tho, and if yew are darn lucky I might let you share it. I can't decide whether it is going to be the MY MAW HUMILIATED ME ON MY BLOG AWARD or maybe the I PEED ON IT SO IT IS MINE AWARD.

This here award I'd like to share with my little buddy, PacoPuggy. He is gettin' real good at peein' on stuff and he's a great guy, even though he is admired by a kitty and all. Here you go Paco! enjoy!

Which one would you rather have? I personally like the first one, but that's just cause my middle name is Pee.

Let me know which one yew like best. Who knows. If I am in a good mood and Annie hasn't spanked me that day, I might choose the one yew like.

Feel free to steal these awards and paste 'em on yer blog if yew think yew earned 'em. Don't ask permission. Askin permission is fur sissypugs.