Howie's Fan Club

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Howie Hosts a Foster Puggy Reunion

Java Cheesy: Aunty Joan's tie looks awfully
spiffy on me for the pawty, doncha think?

Howard Pee Pugpants: How am I sposed to pee on stuff with
Mister Pug if I have to wear this fancy getup I asks??

Anniebelly: Mommy, I can't find my pearls!!
The boys are gonna be here any minute now....

Annie, Howie, Bentley, Mister Pug, Java and Oscar
line up to taste Chef Carlos' spaghetti sauce.

Mister Pug: So, you're the famous OscarPants who woofs for eggs?
OscarPants: Yes, and I hear you're the famous
Mister Pug who likes to leave prezzies in the kitchen!

A puggy voice from under the table says:
Hey, why are all the hoomans gettin' apple pie ma???
We thought this was sposed to be a pug pawty!!!

Java Cheesy says, That's just the right
spot Aunty Jennifer!!!

Ambassador Howie gives Aunty
Julie some slathery kisses.

After dinner, a pug just needs to relax and unwind, says Mister Pug.
Daddy Don makes the pawfect pillow fur all that unwinding...

I give this foster puggy reunion two toes up
and circle snaps, says Oscar. Next time, if maybe they

can serve some scrambley egg, it would be jest pawfect.

Oscar Woofs for Treats

Mister Pug aka SmarteePants Shows Off
His Repertoire of Puggy Tricks

Splash - My Imperfect Geraniums

Splash, 8X10, Oil on Linen

Splash is a small painting, one of the first I've done on linen - it's just one example of how I like to take something real and make it imperfect, but all my own. I'm posting this in honor of the Imperfect Challenge - Linda's Quest for Imperfection Style Movement. This was painted from a pot of early geraniums on the back deck with Howard Pee Pugpants assisting. It was early in the season, but I couldn't resist buying some geraniums to brighten up our back yard.