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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pecan Toe Strikes Again!

Hannah (prior to Pecan Toe incident)
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This is Hannah, and I'm the foster puggy at the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs. I've been living here with Howie and his minions for almost a year now, so I am pretty sure I'm going to be a permanent fixture, something foster mommy says she just cannot do without, even more so than chocolate or whippy creme on her coffee.

Yesterday I was afflicted with the dreaded Pecan Toe. I made foster mommy promise not to tell anyone, and she agreed we would never speak of it again. When I walked into the house, my little pinky toe felt so peculiar. Mom took a look and she had these wise words: "Wutt the heck???" She reached down and extricated a little empty pecan husk that had neatly wrapped itself around my unsuspecting toe. She let me sniff it thoroughly before she put it in the trash, calling it names and berating it for cramping Her Hannah Banana's style.

I felt much better after my toe was de-pecan shell-ized. I could hop around without making a clickety clack noise on the hardwood floor, and Howie stopped making comments about how much he liked Pecan Pie fresh out of the oven with ice cream on top. Foster mom said she thinks it's cute that a little southern gal like me would be the only puggy she has ever known to come down with a distinctly antebellum malady such as Pecan Toe. It's just one more reason I am special.