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Friday, August 27, 2010

CelebrityPug Stubby Visits the Pugpants

CelebrityPug Stubby
looking all GQ

This here is Howie

Maw said I can write the blog today since I made the most noise at breakfast this morning. My good pal Stubby brought his folks over for a visit yesterday. He brought a bag full of food, per my instructions. Stubby has been traveling all over the country surprising folks with visits. I tried to climb into the car with Aunty Michele and Stubby as a surprise but maw said no. Have you ever heard such hooey in your life? She didn't even listen when I splained that Stubs gets to visit sixty dozen different refrigerators before he goes home.

I knew something was up this morning when Stubby brushed his teeth before he left. I saw on twitter he is having lunch with my girlfriend Pearley Poo in Oklahoma today. S'okay though, I am generous that way, and besides, he promised to mail me their leftovers so I got no problem with my good buddy StubsMan.

This is me, Howie, with my
good pal StubbyPug and his
mom, Michele, who I would
like to trade my maw for

This is Stubby and his groupies

This is my sister Annie with
Aunty Michele.

This is Stubby hanging out with all
the pug rescue peeps. Check out the cutey
just to his left!