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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Howie is a Thankful Pug

I am not thankful for this hat

This here is Howie

I jest read my pal Tweedley's thankful post and it got me to thinkin about all the stuff I am thankful for. I hope all yew of my friends had a good turkey day. Sorry I am late to say that to yew, I jest woke up from a turkey coma.

I am thankful for AnnieBee when she is sleepin and not annoyin me and barkin at the TV or her reflection in the oven door.

I am thankful for my brother Java, who grows cheese on his nose shelf and taught me to run from aluminum foil.

I am thankful for my foster sissy Hannah Banana, who reminded me of the importance of barkin at inanimate objects and kicking up the lawn after markin my terry-tory.

I am thankful for the tree maw brought into the house, too, although maw sez it is not for the purpose for which I have put it to use.

What are you thankful for? If it is food related, please explain in great detail, and use a lotta adjectives.