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Friday, February 27, 2009

How to Properly Eat Ice Cream by Linus Puggy

Hi there, this here is Linus Super Pup.
Today's lesson is how to eat ice cream
like a champion puggy. First you find the right bowl.
Next, you instruct your hooman to fill it
to the brim with your favorite flavor.

Next you express your appreciation by making loud
smacking noises. Be sure to use your face as a handy
ice cream scoop, getting bits of yumminess way up
into the snorfley wrinkle above your itty bitty nose.

Uncle Howie taught me that this is a good place to store
snacks fur later consumption, plus the ice cream ferments
and gives off a pleasing cheesy aroma after a few days there.
This concludes your Lesson Fur Today on how to properly
eat Puggy Ice Cream.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Singing Songs on Saturday

From Howard Pee Pugpants:

Mom's goin on a trip so I wrote a little song fur her.
This here is my main man on guitar, Dad.

All your bags are packed,
you're ready to go
Don't forget to leave Dad a note
To feed me, little Howie
Sixty hundreds times a dayyyyy....

So kiss me and smile fur me,
Don't forget to bring back for me
Bags of yummy snacks and
and all your restaurant take-away....

Cuz mom's leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when you'll be back again,
so please Ma, could you please
put the treat jar on the floor
and leave the kibble bag open by the door.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Naptime

Anniebelly naps on her favorite blanket with
green froggy, the toy du jour for Friday.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Working Fur the Snuggle Puggle

Eduardo Puggle, CEO

Hey Eduardo, Mom said it's TUESDAY so
we decided to help her in the kitchen for

It's a tough job, but as Bossman EduardoPuggle
likes to say, "That's why they call it work!!!"

The best part about helpin in the kitchen
is licking the bowl!

Lickin the spoon is not fur
sissypugs, either. It's a big job
and it requires total focus and

There's always that tough spot just around
the back that's so hard to reach....

The best part is mom doesn't have to
wash the dishes after. We've made sure
they're bran spankin clean!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Annie's Blushing Valentine

Annie is not known for sharing.

From Anniebelly Bossybritches:

I took time out from beating up my stinky brother Howie today to pick up a very special delivery. Handsome Bajas left me this message today for Valentine's. It's obvious he adores me, and who can blame him? *bats eyelashes* I know all you puggy girls are lookin' at Bajas and thinkin' how cute he is, just remember you can look but don't sniff. He belongs to me!!

I love you Bajas, my little hunney bunney puggy of love...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Howie Emcees the Western Monster Dog Show

Hey everypuggy, the Western
Monster Dog Show is on!!!!

Hey Java, didn't we meet this guy at
Remedial Puppy class a few years ago??

Wudderu think is in all them big
yellow boxes? Cheese mebbe?

I hate it when they cry on
camera. So unprofessional.

Hey Rudolph! Where the sled????

What the heck? How many Beagle
categories can there be?????

I don't know what that guy's doing,
but he's a few sprinkles shy
of a cupcake if you ask me.

All these weenie dogs are
making me hungree!!

I don't get it. Why'd he win? He
ain't nothin but a Hound dawg!!!

I hates it when the pugs lose...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Howie's Thoughts on Valentines and Romantical Things

Ever since I got this new tie from Aunty Laura, I've been rethinking the whole Valentine thing. After all, there is food involved, yes? Cuppycakes and crunchy heart candy thingies that occasionally fall on the floor to get eaten by mooo-wah... (That's french fur "me")!

Well then the Mom took off my new Valentine tie and said THIS TIE was fur going to WORK. WORK? what the heck is that? I been working fur Eduardo Snuggle Puggle, but accordin' to the terms of the Puggle Contract, I didn't have to actually go nowhere fur that.

I mean, yes, I did some PERCH NAPPIN fur the Snuggle Puggle, which was actually multi-taskin cuz I was fartin too. But this whole GO TO work thing has me pur-plexed. Do they have food at this place called work?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Remembering Two Little Angels


Winnie loved her Aunty Sharon, who brought
her beautiful prezzies, like this velour blue dress.

Winnie says thanks fur the dress Aunty Sharon!

One more smoochy for Aunty Sharon,
who color coordinated her wardrobe with Wiggles.

These are some of my favorite pictures from April 2005 when Sharon and her little Gracie came over for a playdate. Sharon always brought presents for the puggies, and Winnie Wiggles is pictured wearing the lovely velour dress Sharon brought her. Winnie especially loved the dress Sharon brought her because it showed off her rolls and rolls of jiggley loveliness.

Winnie and Gracie both went to the rainbow bridge last year, leaving broken hearts and many tears in their wake. Sharon and I miss our girls, but we remember them every day with so much love. These pictures always make me smile. They captured such happy moments.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Six Things That Make Howie Happy

Punchy sent me a note that I gotta report
six things that make me happy. I'm thinkin
real hard about it, and I think I got it now.

My friend the kibble container, he
makes me very happy. I like to spend
time with him in his pantry house from
time to time just to say hello.

Meaty muffins. yummmmmmmm. What's
not to like about meaty muffins? They got meat!
mmmm. They got muffin! mmmmmmm

Birthday cookies are also something that
make me real happy. Even if it's not my
birthday, if you were to say, send me a cookie,
I'd be real happy. Just speaking rhetorically that is.

Barkin at them dang birds. I do enjoy
doing that quite a bit.

Chewin on stuff I'm not sposed to be
chewin on always makes me happy.

Yummy chewy bones also happen to
make me very happy.

Here's my happy face. Mom says I had
just had a bath in this picture, but I don't
believe her fur a second. Why on earth
would I be happy about that???

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Working With the Snuggle Puggle

After hitting snooze with his thumbytoe repeatedly, Howie finally
made it outta bed this morning and to post the Pugpant Entry
for the Puggle Workforce Progress Report. Howie, Annie and Java are
hopeful that Boss EduardoPuggle finds their output satisfactory for
Howie perfects his Make Little Sister Into a Pancake skills

Annie and Java show fierce concentration
as they practice synchronized sitting

Monday, February 2, 2009

Howie Survives Playdate With Ferocious Pug Puppies

From Howie:

Mom said I had to be on my best behavior
cuz Linus and his little sister are coming over
fur a meetup. This was the dressiest thing I own.
I don't know why she told me to put it back
and get my tie. sheesh.

From Anniebelly:

These are all the toys I'm not gonna share
with the puppies coming over today.

From Howie:

Life is very unfair to us puggies sometimes.

Scout and Jacqueline arrive, ready fur the playdate.

Linus is carried into the house like a little king by Dani

Linus showin Uncle Howie his good side

Much to Annie's consternation, Scout decides
Annie's toys are delishush

So, do you think this will earn us extra treats later?

Scout tells Linus that girls rule, and he should just get used to it.

Howie thinkin about hidin under the bed.

Okay you pups. Listen up to Uncle Howie.
When the cookie jar rattles,
run head over heels into the house and
knock over anydoggy that gets in your way.
That's the first lesson yew need to learn around here.

Scout sure does got some sharp teefies.

Mmmm, Scout's elbow tastes delishush!

From Uncle Java:
Um, you young folks might want to settle down a little.
Somepuggy could get hurt!

Uh oh, the little one in pink is looking me in the eye.


Scout discovers the weakest link!

The whole meetup crowd!

Meagan, Scout's mom; Dani holding Linus;
Susan getting smoochies from Howard;
Jacqueline giving Java a booster. What a great day!


Hey peeps! Let's do this again tomorrow!
Right after my nap....