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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Anniebelly's Very Busy Day

Meet mousey. Mousey is my toy du jour.
Please DO NOT confuse other toys today
with toy du jour, mousey. This is important
mama. Mama, are you paying attention???

Annie's To-Do List for Today

1 - Sleep with belly pointing up and head resting in crook of mama's neck for 1 hour this morning, snoring the whole time.

2 - Roll out of a deep sleep and immediately locate the toy du jour.

3 - Toss toy du jour at mama's feet until mama realizes she is not doing her job and THROWS the toy for Annie.

4 - Eat.

5 - Go outside and pee.

6 - Come back inside; locate toy du jour.

7 - Toss toy du jour at the mama's feet until the mama realizes she has a job to do and THROWS the toy for Annie again.

8 - Climb into the mama's lap and fall into a deep sleep for 5 minutes, snoring loudly the whole time, while mama gets ready for work.

9 - Repeat steps 3 and 7 until the mama has the nerve to leave for work.

10 - Standing on tippy toes, howl and shriek and squeal like a pig for 30 seconds at top of lungs.

11 - Climb into the comfy bed and snuggle Java until asleep and snoring again.