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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valerie's Divadoggy Bloggy - A Must Woof...

Valerie goes to the beauty shop
every week to perfect her diva-do!

Valerie is very famous and sought
after and important artists have
painted her! ooo la la!!!

From Anniebelly

Calling all divadoggies! Valerie has launched her bloggy! Valerie is a 10 year old DivaDoggy princess who goes to the beauty shop with her mommy Amy once a week for pawdicures, brushies, and refreshing cucumber mist sprays. I have often mentioned to my mom that I need to be living the life of Valerie, but alas I am stuck here with the stinky boys. *stamps paw and steam comes out of Annie's little ears*

Use your thumbytoes and go visit Valerie's new blog and give her a woof and tell her Anniebelly Bossybritches sent you. When you get there you might just see somepuggy you recognize. I should warn you there is a picture of my brother Howie, too, but at least he is wearing a tie and doesn't have poop on his paws in that picture.

We love you Valerie! *blowing Valerie kisses*

Tomorrow we are getting a visit from Linus and his sister!
Tune in for some pictures of cute little fat puggy puppies....