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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pee Is for Pancreatitis and Other Discoveries

So this is what Dr. Carter did with my teefs!!!

This here is Howie

I woke maw and paw up last night with tummy bubbles and had to go to the Emergency 9-1-1 Vet. Dr. Quinn Who Adores Me ran some tests and said I had an eppy-sode of pancreatitis so I hafta switch to a low fat food. I am sitting here writing to yew from my first class accommodations at the vet center getting me summa them IV fluids today.

I do love being here at the vet center, the ladies are all real cute and they are always telling me I am a good boy and how handsome I am. At home all I hear is "HOWIE DO NOT PEE ON THE LEATHER COUCH" and "HOWIE DO NOT TEACH YOUR FOSTER BROTHER HOW TO OPEN THE REFRIGERATOR" and other such nonsense.

The bad news is I gotta go one more day without eating while all that gurgling settles down inside me. Maw is coming to pick me up tonight so I will be hero doggy at home, and everyone will let me get away with anything. Mebbe I will tell maw to make Annie sleep in the garage.

Maw said something about how this was a "teaching moment" (see why I like to go to the vet???) and I had to share this linky with everypuggy so here is your homework: