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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Close Encounters of the Very Scary Kind

Me and the really scary pod-pug

This here is AnnieBee.

I told yew the other day I would share something really scary, but that I just could not bring myself to talk about it yet. *fans self with paw* When mommy and daddy took me shopping at my fav boutique, Dogologie, I bumped into the scariest pug I have ever seen. He kept staring at me like he wanted to take my squeaky donut or something.

Daddy thought it was funny, and kept pushing the pug toward me with his foot. I didn't like that one bit, as you can see from my distressed countenance. Howie told me later that this was undoubtedly one of them pod pugs from the Invasion of the Puggy Snatchers movie. He said that was a Pee Gee rated movie and that's why mom and dad had not let me watch it before. He said I should always check with him first so he can make sure I am aware of the scary creepy monsters in the world and be totally prepared. In exchange for this protection service, he wants two bites of my lunch tomorrow before I start in on hogging it down. What do you think? Should I share my lunch so I will have protection? I really like my lunch, so I am in a tizzy.

Pod Pug had really beady eyes, too...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Action Annie, Accessories Sold Separately

I don't have all day, Maw!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

AnnieBee's Whirlwind Texas Hill Country Shopping Tour

Elsie, me and my mom, and Mary Katherine at GAC

This here is AnnieBelly

In case you've missed me, it's cuz I've been traveling seeing my peeps. Maw and Daddy took me to The Good Art Company Gallery last weekend so mom could hammer the walls and hang square things up and talk to people who were not offering me food. I always go with mommy to these places, everyone lines up to have their picture made with me because I am irresisty bull. (Howie rolls eyes).

I wonder if they have larger bags.

I was devastated that Art Studio Dog Bob was unavailable for our much anticipated tryst, but Daddy whisked me away to the Cookie Bar at my fav boutique, Dogologie to assuage my achey breaky heart. After emptying the bottom shelves of the cookie bar, I glued myself to my full shoppy bag, which Daddy held just out of my reach for the excruciatingly long 2 minute walk to my limousine.

On the way home, mommy fed me five iced cookies in my fav colors. I attended to a nice chewy tendon in between massacreing three new toy squeakers. With the exception of not getting to bump noses with Bob, this was just about the most satisfactory trip I have ever taken to Freddyburg, especially since it was just me, and I got to leave the boys at home out of the public eye, where they belong.

Except for one terrifying awful encounter I will have to tell you about later, because right now I don't even want to remember it. Just envision Freddy Kruger meets JasonPuggy in a dark alley, and maybe you will get an idea.

Anticipation is way, way over-rated.