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Monday, May 4, 2009

Howie Says Annie Has Swine Flu

Note the symptoms: flat nose, small eyes, fuzzy face...

A Goth piggy with multiple nose rings (and tattoos not shown).

From Howie Pee:

I have some jest turble news. Through scientific analysis and careful puggy observation, I have concluded my sister, Anniesmelly, has swine flu.

In addition to them pictures I posted, here are the facts:

1 - Annie has a flat nose
2 - Annie snorts like a pig
3 - Annie eats like a pig
4 - Annie gets real mad at me sometimes, and I think pigs probably would too, if they knew me
5 - Annie looks like a pig

I am not sure what to do, since obviously innocent pug-standers like me and Java have been exposed. So I have locked Anniesmelly in the garage with the trash cans until Mama comes home from work today. Jest ignore that banging sound. That's the wind. You won't want to be around later when Mama lets Annie out. It won't be pretty. *Howie packs bags and prepares to run for the hills.*