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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dozer and Coop: US Agility Rescue Dawg Team

Coop and Dozer, happy go lucky doggies by day,

Dozer and Coop sayin:
Unless that is a roasted peanut
with delicious ranch flavoring on top,
we ain't goin over that big ole tire.

As you all know by now, Howard has been complaining about the Diet Subjugation Program Implemented by the Cruel Mama in the House of Pee lately. It has come to my attention that his erstwhile pals, Dozer and Coop are planning to break him out of Puggy Craig Purgatory. *Howie's mom peeks out front window blinds nervously, and a drop of sweat rolls down her wrinkley noggin* If this plan should succeed, Howie will be staying in a household that is unfamiliar with some of his idiosyncracies, thus exposing his parental units to potential liability. *Howie's mom imagines Howie leaving wet fart spots on Dozer's mom's beautiful sofa* Please, if you have any pull with Dozer and Coop's mama at all and you also have any inkling of what a hazard it could be to have Howie occupy space in their lovely abode, send them a note to STOP THE MADNESS!!!

Aspire - Canna Lilies at Balboa Park

Aspire, Balboa Park

The inspiration for "Aspire"

The downside to traveling to San Diego last week was being away from the puggies. The upside: Balboa Park! As soon as I saw these rich red cannas crowded in front of these stucco walls, I knew I would have to paint them. Balboa Park is one of the most beautiful places in Southern California. It is amazing to be able to walk into such a place and park at absolutely no charge.