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Monday, August 2, 2010

Java Directs A Pug Rescue Photoshoot

Brianna the pug is helping her dad, Nick
with the photoshoot of Puddin Pop

This here is Java

Ma said that since I managed to get into almost every picture on Saturday, I get to do the bloggy post today. As you can see, I was Mister Super Helpful when little Puddin Pop came over to get her photos made by the professional that day. This was my back yard, you see, so I felt it was important to be sure it was all done correctly.

Mister Camera Guy had to shoot Puddin's closeup six times before he got it right, because I kept jumping in front of the lens to try to explain to him about how he needed to adjust his lighting and to make sure nopuggy was getting snacks that I wasn't privvy to. Mom finally grabbed me and held me out of the way, which I found very disturbing, being as Mister Camera Guy clearly needed help. After all, why else would he bring his assistant, Brianna, to stand on his shoulders and snort directions?

I kind of got crushy on little Puddin, look how cute she is! Mom said she was a perfect lady and Howie said I should get her phone number and ask her out, seeing as she has her own wheels and I don't know how to drive. Puddin was dropped off at a shelter and could not walk when she came to Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue. After some hydrotherapy and a new wheelcart, she is getting around pretty as you please.

Mom said if I ever need some fancy wheels, she knows exactly how she'll train me. She'll hang a big ole hunk of cheese in front of my nose. I suggested we start practicin' right now.

Aunty JoAnn and Puddin Pop

Puddin smiling pretty and me, Java, in the
background, making sure it's all done right