Howie's Fan Club

Friday, August 8, 2008

Funny Face Friday

Java Cheesy, Winner of the Bashful
Wallflower, Socially Awkward
Party Attendee Award

Our thanks to Queen BaileyPug, ruler of all she surveys, for awarding Java with the memorable and infinitely appropriate title of the Bashful Wallflower, Socially Awkward Party Attendee. Java Cheesy is always the "odd pug out" at our pug pawties, foster pug reunions, and dog park gatherings. When our little Cheesy Man cannot figure out how to take part in traditional pug behavior type activities, he has no problem playing with his imaginary friend. Java is a love pug, above all else, and his cheesy aroma is particularly attractive to girlpugs who are compelled to wash his face when they meet him, much to his consternation. We sure do love our little funny face clown.