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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gifts from Aunties and Other Hardships Life Delivers to the Howies of the World

Dear Auntie Mindy:
Thank yew fur the clothes. They're lubbley. Mommy sez they once belonged to a very handsome Schnauzer named Boris and that they are a gift for me from my Auntie Mindy. I rembember Boris. He was pretty cool and he was Elbow's brother. Speaking of Elbow, he promised he would put food in mom's suitcase when she came home from San Diego yes-turd-day. All that was there was all these here clothes she's makin me wear. I'm sure leaving out the food was jest an oversight, Auntie Mindy. Knowing how much you love me, I'm wonderin, could you jest check around to see where the food went?
with puggy love and anticipation,
Howard Pee