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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Linus Pug's Graduation Pawty

From LinusPuggy:

Welcome to my graduation pawty! This is me, Linus, in the blue harness,
beating up Scout. I learnt these manners in puppy school.

Aunt Nancy had pawty favors for all us puggies. I got the one with the biggest toy.

The humans got to eat all sorts yummy stuff. Wussup with that? It was my pawty!

This is me executin' a hairpin turn to avoid being captured.

I showed Aunt Nancy my appreciation by leaving her a souvenir of my muddy love.

Me and Uncle Java ran around a lot. This is us takin a break.

This is us runnin like the wind.

This is Java about to pounce.

This is me showing my puggy superpowers for
speed and supersonic mud accumulation.

We pugs like to run around trees a lot. I'm not sure why.
They didn't explain that in kindy-garden.

This is me, surrounded by my host puggies, about to be
devoured like a fig newton, undoubtedly.

I hope you enjoyed my pawty. Maw had to use four towels to wipe off the mud before she put me in the car to drive me home! Now THAT's a pawty!