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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Howie's Big Snake Adventure

Mom says it's important to make new friends.

Even if they have bad breath and scary beady eyes?

Wow, them fangs are impressive...

Hey, watch the neck buddy.

How did I get into this situation?

Last night ma was out in the yard with Annie and thought she saw a snake. She got real excited and started hollerin and hootin and yellin at dad to "GIT THE PUGGEES INSIDE"! I wanted to go outside and help find that snake cuz, as you see, I am well acquainted with snakes. But mom said NO HOWIE. NO NO NO. Just like that, real cruel like. So I sat in the kitchen and pouted til mom and dad came back into the house without the snake. I was real disappointed. Mom says we can't go out in the yard until she knows there are no snakes. So I'm stuck in here with Java and Annie bored to tears til this whole snake thing blows over. Life is, once again, cruel to the Howard Pee Pugpant-zes of the world...